Guest Blog: 5 Design Tips For A Creative Space

Mar 24, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Creativity is a slippery notion and inspiration can wax and wane like a law unto itself. But the way we design a space can have a huge impact on how creativity comes and goes. Inject life into your room with some plants, and you’ll inject life into your projects and keep your space flexible and playful. If you feel yourself struggling to come up with new ideas, take a look at these top tips to make a creative space in your home. 
Office space with natural lighting
1. Bring Nature To You
It’s an evolutionary fact that our bodies and minds thrive in natural environments, and a dingy indoor set up stifles creativity. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, you can inspire creativity by bringing a bit of nature indoors. The first thing you want to focus on is light, as natural light flooding a room casts a golden glow on everything it touches. This makes a profound difference to your energy and creativity in a room. If you can’t let more light into your room then natural light lamps can offer a softer glow from the usual artificial lamps that light up your room.
“Seek a deeper connection with nature by bringing in some greenery,” suggests Dolores Purvis, designer at Assignment Help and Essay Services. “Fill windowsills, bookshelves and every corner in the room with a flourishing plant.” Being surrounded by nature is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.
2. Inspiration Everywhere You Look

By surrounding yourself with inspiration, you’ll make sure you never run low on creative energy. A bland or generic-looking room isn’t likely to fill you with ideas, but a room that’s bustling with life and individuality can. The crucial thing is to find what inspires you and surround yourself with that.
Cover the walls with inspirational messages that speak to your soul. Paintings, prints or framed photographs can be an eternal source of inspiration. “Whether it’s NYC’s evocative skyline or vintage photograph there’ll be something out there that ticks the box for you,” says Dorothy Smith, writer at Ukservicesreviews and UKWritings. “You don’t need to limit your design to the walls either - personalize your space with found objects, vintage items and anything else that takes your fancy.” 
3. Mix It Up
If you’re struggling with writer’s block or you’ve hit the wall of creativity, think about making a change to your room design as a way of re-sparking inspiration and discovering new ideas for your work and life. A room is a constantly evolving space and you can always play around with decor and layout to inject some energy into your day. 
Even small changes such as moving rugs, pillows and other soft furnishings from one room to another can make an enormous difference to the feel of a room. Moving the position of a desk - and, crucially, what the desk faces - will change your perspective both literally and metaphorically. When you’re starting out with room design, keep in mind the flexibility of your arrangement. You never know when you might want to mix things up! 
4. Get Organized

organized desk

Some people find that they thrive creatively in chaotic environments, whilst others need order around them to pursue their best ideas. Either way, you're going to need a bare minimum of organization so that your supplies are on hand, whether that’s textbooks, notepads or colored pencils. 
Find ways to organize the tools of your creativity in a way that inspires you. Often, having everything on display can help your brain make quick connections between materials. Using glass jars to store writing or design materials can remind you of all the tools you have at hand.

office space

5. Make It Playful
A playful space inspires creativity. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a few silly elements into the room where you want to be at your most inspired! A Pilates ball - or even a space hopper can replace a desk chair and you’ll be bouncing new ideas out in no time. Fun and creativity go hand in hand.
Welcome Home
Any room in your home, or even a repurposed corner, can become a haven of creativity with a few special touches. By surrounding yourself with messages that inspire you, prioritizing flexibility in your space and creating an indoor garden where the sun always shines you’ll discover new ideas and your creativity will thrive. Get started today!

About the Author:

Guest Blogger Katherine Rundell
Katherine Rundell is a blog writer at OXEssays and State Of Writing services and an editor at AustralianHelp. She started her writing career in a converted closet and has been creating inspirational spaces in every corner of her home ever since.


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