4 Ways to Dress Your Walls in Something Other Than Photographs

Sep 9, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
Hanging framed family photos is a very common way to decorate the walls of one’s home, but it’s not the most stylish look for a space. It’s time to get more imaginative and decorate your walls with something other than portraits.
Here are some of our favorite options for decorating your walls more creatively and creating a beautifully styled look in your home.

Macrame Wall Hanging

1. Macramé – We love macramé hangings because they are so versatile. It can be used as a window covering, as a room divider, and more. This vintage style is back in fashion and adds a textured look to your wall.
2. Moss Wall – Instead of painting an accent wall, create a moss wall instead. For indoor use, preserved moss is recommended. The texture and color will be an instant talking point for your guests.

colorful decorative plates

3. Decorative Plates – This is especially a great idea if you have some older antique plates or unique plates from your travels that you want to display but don’t want to use for meals. Rather than hanging them in a straight line or creating squares or rectangles, try creating a wave pattern or mixing bigger and smaller plates to create a gallery wall of plates.

hang shelves to fill space on your walls

4. Creative Shelving – Shelving comes in so many designs and varieties that you can create an eye-popping design for your wall with some new (or new to you) shelves. Get creative with the items you place on those shelves, such as potted plants, tchotchkes that have meaning to you, small decorative containers, framed art of any kind, vases with colorful flowers, candles, etc. There are so many options, but it starts with great shelves.
There are so many ways you can decorate the walls in your bedroom, living room, hallways, home office and other living spaces with something more creative and design-focused than family portraits. Of course, we would never suggest hiding family photos away – they should be displayed as well. But have a little fun with some of these options, or your own creative ideas, and see how your room is transformed.
Do you have other creative wall decor ideas? Tell us about some of the items you have on your walls in the comments.

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