Guest Post: 4 Tips For Updating Your Home Over The Summer

Apr 7, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Now sure, summer has recently departed as I type this, but the great thing about summer is that it comes back every year. And while there’s a ton of pandemic-related misery to get through first, we will make it to summer 2021, and then you’ll have yet another opportunity to update your home for the warmest and most engaging of seasons.
But what should that process involve? What can (or should) you do to spruce up your adobe when the sunshine is sneaking in and temperatures are creeping up? Those are excellent questions! In response, let’s look at four tips for making the most of the golden months:
Install Some Smart Tech
Internet of Things, home decor
Now more than ever before, you should understand the value in having your home stuffed to the gills with modern technology. Who knows how many lockdown periods you’ll need to endure in 2021? It could be none (and let’s hope it is), but it’s hard to be overly optimistic. Regardless, installing some smart tech won’t just make your summer more enjoyable: it’ll also save you time.
Whether it’s automating your lawn irrigation or keeping security footage so you have some measure of protection in the event that an enterprising thief escapes with your private property, IoT-enabled smart home technology (per IoT Evolution) can do a lot for you. Plus you can set up RGB light strips and have them respond to your TV’s audio output for extra style points.
Refresh Your Room Layouts
furniture layout plans
When you have more light streaming into your house, everything looks different. Shadows end up in unexpected places. And during the summertime, you’re likely to move around, whether you’re relocating to different rooms (such as conversatories) or just to different pieces of furniture. After all, that black leather sofa probably won’t feel so comfortable when it’s baking hot. 
So why not switch things up by tweaking your room layouts? There are two viable approaches to this. You can stick with the pieces you already have, simply shuffling them around however you can (like taking apart a Lego kit to see what else you can make with the pieces). That’s certainly the cheapest way to go, and you should certainly start there. If you can make your existing furniture work, why not do it and spend your money on something else?
But if no arrangement proves suitable, you can pick up some new furniture. Even if you don’t want to buy sets (or want to buy furniture locally), you can use retail sites — like Furniturebox, for instance — for style research. Peruse the carefully-assembled room photos and the social media submissions from customers, then decide what new pieces of furniture you want.
Swap to Cooler Bedding

A dense duvet is your best friend during the icy winter, but it turns against you when June approaches and you start to have issues sleeping. Your feet can escape from the very end, of course, but this can only bring you a certain amount of relief — and soon enough you’ll be tossing your duvet to the side in a petulant fury (before remembering that you can’t sleep with no duvet at all). So what’s the answer to this riddle?
Ah, it’s so simple: cooler bedding. A thinner duvet cover retains less heat while still ensuring that you feel cozy and protected. And of course you need a matching set (with all that light flooding into the room, any aesthetic deficiencies will be further exposed), so take a look at some bedding options and see what fits your requirements. Find the right summery set and you’ll be sorted.
Add some blackout curtains

Blackout Curtains by Lush Decor

Even as you’re adding dramatic mood lighting to your living area, you should be thinking about how you’re going to get decent sleep. In some ways it’s easier during the summer because your circadian rhythm has clearer signals to work with, but what if you need to work later or earlier than most people? It can get light too early, or stay light too late.
That’s where blackout curtains come in. Get some into place and they’ll block out enough light for even the lightest sleeper. You’ll also need to ensure that you don’t have a hundred electronic devices beaming their LEDs at you, of course, but at least that’s something you can control.

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