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3-Piece Sea Life Quilt

Being headquartered in New Jersey, people around here certainly equate summertime with the beach. But what if you can’t afford a beach home? What if you live nowhere near a beach? We’ve put together 5 easy and inexpensive ways to bring the beach feel to your own home.
1. Walls – Choose beach colors like ocean or sky blues, sandy browns, sunny yellows. You can even add texture to your walls to make it feel sandy or go all out with a mural on an accent wall.

Anchor Window Curtains by Lush Decor

2. TextilesDecorative pillows, throws and curtains will add just the right amount of pop to your room. (We recommend the Lush Décor Harbor Life, Anchor, WhaleMermaid Waves, and Sea Life prints.)

Harbor Life Quilt Set

3. Accents – Incorporate sea shells, aquatic life, palm trees, anchors, surf boards and other beach staples in your lamp fixtures, paper weights, wall art and more.
4. Scents – Purchase a candle or plug-in air freshener to get the smell of the ocean breeze in your own living room.
5. Light – Allowing as much natural light to shine through as possible is key, but if the space doesn’t have many windows, adding a couple bright light fixtures will make it feel like a sunny beach day. (Tip: Add a dimmer switch to reduce the amount of light as the sun goes down)
You can realistically turn your room into a "beachy" paradise for under $1,000 and in very little time.

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