Guest Blog: 10 Trending Home Decor Tips to Try This Autumn

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You might be wondering: when is the perfect time to update the style of your house? Our answer is: whenever you feel like it. Redecorating your house can be expensive if you want to replace most decoration and furniture, but you do not need to replace or the furniture in your house to change it’s style. You can add a few decor items that can change your house vibe instantly.
This Autumn will be marked by new and trendy decor tips that you can try. Autumn is the season of warm colors, pumpkins, and leaves. So, how can you make your home reflect Autumn? Here are 10 decor tips you can try. 

Macrame Plant Hanger

1. Macramé Wall and Plant Hangers 
Macramé is a great way to decorate your house, especially if you want to make it warm and cozy. You can buy macramé wall hangers online, or you can study the art of knitting and do it yourself. It is pretty easy and you can choose the color and model you like. 
The same goes for macramé plant hangers; they’re easy to do yourself, and if you are into boho-chic or indie, they will add more warmth to your house.
2. Unfinished Walls 

exposed brick wall

This trend was flourishing a few years ago, and now its back again. Exposed bricks and unfinished walls are on track to be trendy this Autumn and can add a pop of brick-red to your house, just like dried leaves, iconic to Autumn.
These unfinished walls go best with a minimalist home decor because they are the touch of color and texture your house needs. 
3. Lively Outdoor Space 

pumpkin decor

Autumn is the season of vibrant red and orange colors, and a combination of these with yellow can make your outdoor space livelier.
Add pumpkins and potted plants specific to this season such as nerine, judas tree, aster, or autumn crocus. They will be the touch of color your porch needs. To make things even more Autumn-like, you can use metal containers or terracotta pots for a rustic feel. 
4. Olive Trees
You do not have to pot flowers only for your garden or patio, but add them inside too. Olive trees are trendy again, so you can put one in one corner of your room. Olive trees do not have bright green leaves, as one might expect, but some kind of sophisticated sage green. They might be the touch of elegance your home will need this autumn. 
5. Fall Leaves 
This Autumn, home decor trends include fall leaves. There are a lot of options on how you can use them, but the easiest tip is to collect some small branches with leaves from outside and fill a vase with them.
Their bright colors vary from yellow to brown and red and can make your home warmer and cozier this autumn. You can also frame them and create a colorful and Autumn-like decor or you can coat them with mod podge to conserve them
6. Textile Wall Art

textile wall hanging

This Autumn, textile decor will be one of the best home accessories you can have. They are kind of the same with a macramé wall hanging but from textiles. This gives your room a warm feeling, especially during those Autumn rainy days.
You can replace the traditional paintings with a textile rug with an interesting pattern. There are a lot of traditional artists that sell handmade rugs with impressive and colorful patterns. 
7. Old School Rug 
This Autumn, those modern rugs will not be trendy anymore. The general trend projections of this year suggest that home decor is going to be more traditional, indie, and boho-chic, and important detail of these are the rugs.
Old school rugs can easily complete the rest of the decor, without changing too many things. Just replace your modern rug with a traditional and with geometrical patterns one and you will see that your room will have another vibe. 
8. Greenery 

potted herbs

Autumn is the season when you can plant some greenery to liven up your kitchen. You can choose some terracotta pots to give them a more autumn feel while adding a touch of color to your kitchen.
You can also upcycle metal cans and paint them with some nice and vibrant colors. Choose greenery you usually use when cooking such as oregano, cilantro, or basil. Even if you do not use them regularly, they are great for home decor.

orange velvet curtains from Lush Decor

9. Orange Velvet 
As we all know, Autumn is the season with the most impressive combination of colors. They are warm and can add a touch of color to every room.
This Autumn, orange velvet will be on trend. Find some pillows or small wall accessories that can make your room or terrace more colorful. You can also add an orange velvet blanket to your couch or bed and make your room’s vibe more cheerful. 

Boho Neutrals

10. Neutral Tones 
Adding too many colorful items to one room will only make it seem more crowded, so try to balance the colors of your house. Beige and neutral colors are tones that go well with cheerful and vibrant colors of orange or red. Choose to neutralize a little bit the impact of strong colors with powerful accents of red or brown to complete each other. You can find a lot of photo guides online to inspire you; make sure you activate your Linux firewall before and start exploring the online world or home decor ideas.  
This Autumn, traditional accents in home decor are making a comeback in fashion. Choose to replace traditional works of art with macramé wall hangers or textile wall rugs. Add a touch of color to your house and choose decor items of bright orange, red or brown.
Use Fall leaves to decorate your rooms and balance all these vibrant touches of color with neutral tones. This Autumn boho-chic, traditional and indie accents are the ones that rule our homes. 


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