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3 Best Garage Doors You Must Have for Residential Use

Mar 10, 2024by Guest Blogger

An experienced burglar can break into your residential garage in seconds. So, you must maintain safety and get the best garage door to maintain security.

However, remember you will have multiple choices while choosing a garage door. Getting a trendsetter will also make it an eye-catching part of the house. You can also opt for a side-hinged garage door that has an aesthetic appeal and adds a touch of luxury. With plenty of options, it's a tricky job to make the right pick. And don't rush; take your time to make the best selection.

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Let's discuss the most secure garage doors in the market in 2024:

Roller garage door

Roller garage doors are the most talked about secured-styled residential garage doors in the market. It is named so because of the design, which consists of horizontal slats with rollers to open and close the door on either side. The garage can be rolled up, and when closed, there is no sign or weak spot that the thieves can use. You can also opt for the double-skinned garage door, which provides extra protection. You must ensure the bottom slat is durable and robust, the rollers are high quality to keep away thieves, and you can sit back and relax.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are also quite popular among residential areas as they come with hinges connecting the garage's horizontal section. Thus, when you slide the door to open it, the hinges separate the section and roll. These garage doors are easy to use and relatively compact in preventing intruders. It gives no sign of entrance when closed, as the section forms a tight seal. The overall strength of the door is determined by its strong steel frame, and due to the tight seal formed when closed, intruders cannot wedge anything to break open through the sectors.

Automated garage doors

Automated garage doors are your best option if you are looking for the best garage security system. These are designed with motorized openers that help close the doors. You only have to push a button and provide the security code. It is the most convenient garage door you would find, as you can manage the door even if you are inside the car with the help of the wireless remote. Intruders cannot break in without an external locking mechanism; the entire door is automated. Buglers won't even be able to lift the garage door as, due to the computerized function, there is a constant downward force working on the gate when it is closed.


A bugler can easily pull the safety release lever of the garage door or insert a coat hanger to enter the garage. They can even open and close the door without being caught or noticed. The primary targets are the old and weak garage doors whose locks can be either dismantled with tools or using force. So, you must always look forward to trusted residential garage door manufacturers and plan to get one within an affordable range.

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