Using Textures and Tones in Your Nursery

Feb 24, 2023by Cailey Bennett

When welcoming home your little bundle of joy, it is imperative that you find your sense of peace. By adding subtle accents of color and textures you can turn your nursery into a calm space even throughout the long restless nights. Several decor elements reflect feelings and emotions, whether the piece is sentimental or bold. A nursery should always feel welcoming. Here are a few tips on how to use textures and tones throughout your nursery decor.

Lush Decor Baby Changing Pad Cover

Warm colors make for a cozy and intimate environment. Bright shades of red, orange and yellow can simulate the mind to feel more energized. In general, warm colors exert happiness and comfort making open spaces feel inviting.

Pillow Bundle

Our decorative pillow bundles are the perfect touch to any nursery seating area. By having a bundle of pillows that complement one another within the same color palette, you can add a little spice to your room in a quick and effective way. They can also be the perfect addition to your rocking chair, giving you maximum comfort while rocking your baby to sleep. With our different colorways in our pillow bundles, you can find what fits your nursery best!

Reyna Soft Knitted Ruffle Baby Blanket

Cool tones are powerful and create the illusion that your space is bigger. Decorating a space with cool tones can be tricky because the shade can be too dark, which will make your space have a gloomy feel. Our Reyna Soft Knitted Ruffle Baby Blanket in the light gray is a great option to add to your nursery. It's an amazing color option that can easily match your existing decor and its texture is soft to the touch. 

Boho Metallic Hearts Soft and Plush Changing Pad Cover

Textures are just as important as tones. When decorating your nursery, you want to choose patterns and textures that are soothing. Textures range drastically and some are more muted than others. When designing your nursery, you will want to choose textures that are soft and gentle, as some textures are bold and tough. Take a look at our Boho Metallic Hearts All Over Soft & Plush Changing Pad Cover. The plush fabric makes diaper changes more comforting for your baby. 

Baby playing in crib

There are infinite number of ways to apply tones and textures to your nursery. The combination of colors and patterns are endless. It is an exciting yet difficult process when creating the most perfect nursery for your little loved one. When designing, the small details such as color and patterns that change the whole mood of the room are important. By taking into consideration the balance of textures and tones you can make the most of your everlasting space!

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