Trend Alert: Boho Nursery Decor

Feb 25, 2022by Dana Dantoni

Trends come and go, but this one has seemed to stick around, re-inventing itself time and time again. Boho decor is now being seen in the nursery as parents bring their personal decor taste into their baby's nursery. Boho decor inspires creativity and adventure. You want your little one to sleep in a nursery that is relaxing, bright, and inviting. Here are some ideas to create the ultimate boho nursery:

1. Earth Tone Colors:

Start with choosing a color pallet that is comprised of earthy hues to incorporate the free-spirited aesthetic that we all love about bohemian style. Combining colors of yellow, brown, white, green, blue, grey, red, and oranges are some great color options to add to your space. These colors with complementary patterns on pillows, blankets, and wall decor will bring your baby's nursery to life.

2. Neutrals and Light Colors:

Maybe earthy colors are not your thing, and that's okay! Go to the neutral and light color boho style route! Tie in bright neutral colors is perfect to brighten up your nursery. You have the opportunity to tie in dark browns as well for accents and layering. Consider using neutral patterns to add some interest.

Boho Macrame Textured Cotton Window Curtain

3. Macrame Wall Hangings:

Brining in macramé art to your nursery will create the ultimate bohemian style lie in the '60s and '70s. You can even invest in macramé window curtains ad valances to add to your nursery.


4. Greenery:

Plants, plants, and more plants! Add some potted plants like ferns, cacti, or pothos plants to your baby's nursery. Adding plants will create a sense of life and growth in your baby's space.

Decorative pampas

5. Accent Pieces

Add some decorative pieces such as clay decorative figures, woven vases, faux pampas or dried flowers to add texture and a bit of interest to the room. Adding different earthy elements will embrace bringing the outdoors inside, helping to create that serene, boho feel you may be going for.

6.Colorful Patterned Rugs:

Combat neutrals with a colorful patterned area rug to your baby's nursery to tie in peace and relaxation for you and your baby. Your nursery will be livelier and fun with Moroccan designed area rugs.

Boho Faux Linen Texture Tassel Window Curtain Panel

7. Decorating with Tassels:

A fun way to add style to your boho nursery is to decorate with tassels. Curtains or bedding with this exciting touch of texture will enhance the boho style and feel of your baby's nursery even more.

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