Timeless Nursery Design Themes and Trends

Mar 26, 2021by Kimberly Foerst
As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, one of the key things you’ll have to do is set up a nursery, or at least a corner in your bedroom. The nursery is the central place where baby’s necessities are kept, and where the baby will sleep.
Rather than focusing on what’s trending now, we thought it would be best to speak to the timeless design trends. Trends fade away, but timeless classics are forever.
These are the six top nursery design themes and nursery decor trends we see year after year:

Pixie Fox Nursery Collection by Lush Decor Baby

1. Design Trend: Baby Blues + Soft Pinks
If you know the sex of your baby before he or she arrives, it is very common to go traditional with a pink theme for a girl or a baby blue theme for a boy. We are also seeing gender neutral colors like grays, greens, yellows and oranges growing in popularity, but the blue and pink shades are still the most popular.
2. Decor Trend: Easy Cleaning
Whether it’s stain resistant or machine washable, moms and dads want decor that offers easy cleanup. Babies are messy, so stain resistant fabrics are a wonderful luxury. Machine washable fabrics are an absolute necessity.

Jungle Adventure Nursery Collection by Lush Decor Baby

3. Design Trend: Wildlife
Expecting parents have used wildlife as the theme for the nursery for many years because it’s cute, it’s gender neutral, and it gives parents lots of options. It could be zoo animals or sea creatures as the focus. Birds, bugs, farm animals and fish are all great for a baby’s nursery theme. 

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4. Decor Trend: Organic Materials
No parent wants their baby to suffer from harsh chemicals on their baby’s fragile skin. From their diapers to their clothing to the crib linens, moms and dads want their little one to be protected. The best way to do that is to search for and purchase as many natural, organic materials as you can find.
5. Design Trend: Simple Solids & Stripes
Especially if you don’t have a separate dedicated room for your baby’s nursery, you may want to go with the most simple design theme for your baby’s space to avoid clashing with your existing decor. Solid colors, and pin stripes or ticking stripes are easy to match what you already have at home, and it will transition easily as they grow up. Which brings us to our final point…
6. Decor Trend: Transitional Decor
When a baby grows out of his or her nursery, changing everything in the room is a hassle that many parents don’t want. So choosing decor that is transitional, such as sheets that fit both a crib and a toddler bed, will make that change simple and stress-free. Choosing age-neutral designs based more around color than around characters will also make the transition easier to a big kid bedroom as they grow. 

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