Preparing for Baby: Organizing and Decorating the Nursery

Feb 12, 2021by Alexa Robel
Do you have a baby on the way? Especially if it is your first, you probably have a lot on your mind as you prepare to welcome your little one. You’re probably wondering where to even start. Decorating and organizing the nursery ahead of time can help you feel more prepared for the arrival of your bundle of joy and help relieve some of the stress you may feel learning as you go.
Get organized -- this is arguably the most important step!
You need to be able to find what you need in a pinch when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night for a feeding, a diaper change or simply cuddling. Open shelves near the changing table will give you easy access to your wipes, diapers, ointments, lotion, bibs and clean onesies.
Lush Decor Storage Bin
Keep the items and supplies you use most in the most accessible containers or shelving units, and anything you use less often in the harder to reach spaces. Go back to it every few weeks or months and make sure the arrangements still make sense as your baby grows and your needs change. For instance, a pacifier may be needed more in the first three months than it is at six months.
Functional storage for other items will allow you to keep the floor free of any toys or other items that may impede your path to the crib, changing table or chair. Plus it’ll help minimize messes, which is always a plus.
Decorating the nursery is not just for aesthetics -- it will also provide important functionality.
First on your list should be a soft nightlight. Your baby will wake you at all hours of the night. A soft nightlight will provide the light you need to see what you need but won’t be so bright that it keeps the baby awake.
Lush Decor Baby Seaside Throw Blanket
 A soft throw for your glider or wherever you will sit with the baby, will provide the warmth and comfort the child needs to relax and get back to sleep.
Bridie Grommet Sheer Curtains Lush Decor
If you prefer to have more natural light, sheer curtains are the way to go. But, we suggest room darkening or blackout curtains to help you keep the room dark enough for daytime naps and keep the room insulated. Full length curtains can also maintain a more grown-up look in the room to match the rest of your home.
Soothing noise machines come in many varieties. Find one that matches your decor theme and it will help your baby get back to sleep more quickly.
Keep in mind there is no reason your decor or storage options must look like they are for babies. Choose a style that can work for all ages so your storage transitions well with the room.
What else should expecting parents have in their nursery? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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