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How to Get Longevity out of Your Nursery

Jan 14, 2022by Guest Blogger

One minute you’re at antenatal classes; the next they’re packing up for university. When it comes to raising kids, half of the expense comes from circumstances changing so quickly. That’s why you need a nursery that can stand the test of time: saving you money and potentially giving you the chance to reuse it for siblings or close friends.

Baby in crib

If you’re looking to get the best value from your nursery, follow our tried and trusted tips:

Get More Life out of Your Cot

Cots are not exactly known for their budget friendliness, particularly when you have to upgrade post-growth spurt! Cots are typically used for around 18 months, but they’re built to last. Rather than splashing out, invest in a second-hand frame – it will still be just as sturdy and you can even pass it down to a loved one.

Baby mattresses, meanwhile, seldom cost three figures and may become soiled over time. You can save your cot funds and replace these instead, in line with your baby’s development.

Mom holding baby

Invest in a Comfortable Armchair or Glider

Breastfeeding, story time, putting your feet up after a long day…you need an armchair, or even a rocker that you can rely on. Rather than buying an ugly nursing chair that will be soon redundant, try a high-backed armchair with sturdy arm support. This will keep your lumbar spine in the right position and provide that all-important arm support for breastfeeding or simply rocking baby to sleep.

Want extra bonus points? Try a wipe-clean finish such as leather to protect your furniture from little accidents. If you are finding yourself dozing off with the little one, a footstool will give your feet a rest and promote healthy circulation.


Say Bye-Bye to Changing Tables

Changing tables offer little versatility, so opt for a chest of drawers instead. You’ll only need to invest in a cheap changing table topper, while you’ll also save space storing all those clothes in the drawers.

Remember, if you’re using it in the long term, you’ll need to make sure it’s height appropriate. Choose a dresser that’s a little higher than your waist, so you’re not hurting yourself bending over to change your little one.

Diversify your Nursery

Your little one might not be little forever, but the nursery will certainly be in it for the long haul! Once they’ve flown from the nest, there’s no reason why the nursery cannot be a home office or guest room. Buying furniture that complements both nursery and guest room functions will help to give your nursery a longer shelf life.

For example, an adult wardrobe with a built-in mirror gives you plenty of storage space, and is an essential accessory for dressing up. You’ll also have hours of fun with toddlers discovering their reflection for the first time.

child with dresser

Here for a Long Time…

For a long-lasting, versatile nursery, it’s all about economizing. Invest in quality and the nursery will last long beyond the terrible twos!

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Guest Blogger Richard

Richard is the director at Evelyn Lily Interiors. He has 24 years of experience in the design, retail and wholesale of furniture in the UK and uses his keen eye to keep their furniture range modern, stylish and practical for every day use.


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