How to Decorate a Farmhouse Style Nursery

Nov 5, 2021by Kimberly Foerst
Setting up your nursery is among the most fun and most important steps to preparing to bring your new baby home. While many families opt for cutesy characters and other popular nursery design themes some families choose instead to use a more sophisticated style to match the rest of the home.
Round Ruffle Play Mat
If you have a modern farmhouse design theme throughout the home, it’s natural to want the nursery to match to maintain the aesthetic. This is especially true if you don’t have a separate nursery but have a space carved out in your primary bedroom.
Here are a few keys to decorating a farmhouse style nursery for your baby:
farmhouse nursery
1. Stick with Neutral Hues – Creams, ivories, grays whites, and natural wood colors are most common in farmhouse decorating. A soothing paint color with accent colors in the mobile above the crib, furniture, and soft textiles like the curtains, play mats and crib bedding.
wood grain
2. Include Natural Elements – Exposed wood is very popular in farmhouse style decorating. You may choose to keep only your furniture in wood grains, or you may want to go further by adding unique shelving to the walls, wooden frames for your art, an accent wall with shiplap, or maybe even a barn door. Other natural elements like fresh or faux plants and flowers will help tie everything together.
Mongolian Luca Soft Faux Fur Decorative Pillow Cover
3. Mix Textures – Soft and cozy blankets for you and for the baby are a must. But don’t forget about other areas where you can bring in textures, such as with plush rugs, faux fur pillows, your art selections, wooden furniture and more.
4. Stay Minimal – If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy, it doesn’t belong. Farmhouse style is about clean lines and doesn’t leave room for clutter.
Melody bow valance
5. Add Sweet Details - Soft striped wall decals or wallpaper, bow embellishments, and touches of dried vintage plants or faux greenery can really tie the look together.
More often we are seeing parents opt for chic and sophisticated designer-inspired nursery decor themes in their homes. If you have a baby on the way, don’t feel obligated to go with a standard blue or pink theme in your nursery. Give your nursery a look that speaks to you and expresses your style.

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