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How to Create a Minimalist Nursery Room

Feb 11, 2022by Guest Blogger

According to Book & Rook, designing a nursery from scratch costs between $2,500 to $5,000. With such a high cost, some parents are looking for alternatives that will save them some bucks without hurting the quality of their baby’s nursery. Some of them find minimalism to be the way.

Here are five tips for creating a nursery that is simple for you and safe for your child.

Baby in crib

Keep the Bed Bare

Many parents tend to put multiple pillows in their baby’s crib, thinking that it’ll make their child more comfortable. However, it does the opposite. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all your baby needs is a firm mattress with a fitted sheet for a safe and comfortable sleep.

You can also opt for a floor bed for a more minimalist approach. A floor bed is also a great way to apply the Montessori Method of raising a child.

Another advantage of using a floor bed is when your child is ready to transition to a bed, you can reuse it as the bed's mattress. Just make sure that you have baby-proofed the nursery to avoid any accident as your baby has access to the whole nursery room when using floor beds. 

Keep the Decor Simple

Just because you're going for a minimalist nursery doesn't mean that you should keep everything bare. Choose a focal point in the nursery and grace it with modest decoration. You can hang minimalist wall arts or letter tiles that spell your baby’s name. This makes the nursery still feel alive while keeping the minimalist vibe. You should also avoid items that are just for aesthetics. Go for baby toys that double as decors instead such as a wooden abacus or wooden blocks.

Furnish your nursery with necessary items only and choose the ones designed with clean lines instead of ornate composition. Clean lines allow the eye to effortlessly move around the room, making it appear more spacious. Consider getting items with neutral or soft shades as well to promote a calming aura to your child. Remember that the nursery should be a safe place where your baby can feel at ease.

Lush Decor Narwhal Starfish Soft Sherpa Baby Blanket

Go for Multi Purpose Furniture

Getting dual-function items kills two birds with one stone-- it conserves space and saves money at the same time.

Here are some ideas to start with:

1. Dresser/Changing Table - A dresser with a removable topper allows you to use it as a changing table. You can get rid of the topper or repurpose it when you don’t need a changing table anymore.

2. Ottoman - An ottoman has a removable top and interior storage where you can keep items such as blankets or toys.

3. Chair - Consider purchasing a chair or glider that you can use for years to come. 

Nursery wall decor

Maximize the Use of the Nursery's Wall

If you plan on not getting a changing table, then you might as well go for floating shelves than a dresser. Floating shelves with hooks and rods can provide you the same storage capacity as a dresser does, sometimes even more depending on the design. They also give off a more minimalist impression because it takes less space than a piece of bulky furniture like a dresser.

You can also make the floating shelves your nursery's focal point rather than wall arts and other decorations. By doing so, you’ll be putting fewer items in your child's minimalist nursery.

Nursery with window

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Choose a room with a good source of natural light for your child's nursery. Aside from keeping you from installing too many light fixtures, taking advantage of natural light during the day will expose your child to sunlight.

Make sure to install a film that blocks harmful UV rays on your windows to protect your baby. We also recommend installing double-line drapes so you can control the amount of heat entering the room during the hours when the sun is high up. Place lighting fixtures near task-centric areas such as a changing table or a crib for the room's lighting at night.

One good idea is to place a swivel floor lamp in one corner of the room, then position the crib and the changing table to the adjacent walls. This way, you can easily swivel the position of the lamp to whichever side you need it and you'll only need one lighting fixture instead of two.


Also, pick a lamp with a dimmer switch or a lamp with multiple light settings so you can control the intensity of the light. This will double the lamp as a nightlight because you can control the brightness of the bulb.

Minimalism is all about changing your perspective about what you own and what you need. Every time you get the urge to buy an item for your baby’s nursery, ask yourself if it’s necessary or not. Be wise about what you spend on and be creative about what you already have.

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Guest Blogger Volodymyr Barabakh


Volodymyr Barabakh is the Owner and Project Director of Chicago based homebuilding company Fortress Home.

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