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Oct 22, 2021by Guest Blogger
You've most certainly come across a plethora of nursery decoration ideas for your baby. From sophisticated to simplistic design ideas, one thing that's for sure is that you want the perfect nursery for your baby.
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It doesn’t matter whether you wish to decorate with plants or a different decoration option. The nursery should also provide you and your partner with calm and enough space to care for your young one and hold the necessary equipment you will need during this nursing period. What if you are unsure of the perfect nursery theme for your bundle of joy? Or you just don't know how to mix colors to come up with a perfect theme that would accommodate both you and your new one, but you still want the best for him/her. After all, you are not bound to stick to pink paint if you're expecting a girl or blue paint if you're expecting a boy. We explore beautiful baby nursery ideas that will give you just what you need regarding the perfect nursery for your baby.
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How do I Choose the Perfect Theme for My Baby's Nursery?
Choosing a good theme for your baby's nursery can be mind-numbing, especially if you're doing it for the first time. That's normal, but it really shouldn't be the case. Three things that you should keep in mind when choosing the theme for your baby nursery.
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Mood and Ambiance: Colors you select will play a part in the feel of the nursery. The colors you choose for the nursery can stimulate or sooth both you and your little one. Go with a color pallet that will keep you both calm and happy!
When considering these options, you will certainly still have several choices to choose from, making the selection complicated. Now, if you are still studying, mixing your studies with these design ideas may not g
 Here are nursery theme ideas you may like!
1. Go for the Magical Touch
There is a wide variety of options you can opt for if you prefer unique designs that would stand out. Creative-wise, going with a misty landscape woodland mural is something you may want to use if you wish to create a magical touch of your young one. It will make your baby's wall calming, creating a serene aura that will be magical for your child. For the furniture, you can go with a soft but modern chair suitable for everyone in the room.
Go with taupe for your chair fabric, the canopy, and your youngster's canopy to complement the misty landscape woodland mural. Ensure that nothing stands within grabbing distance of your new one's sleeping area. You can achieve this by pinning your cloud bunting to a wall or hanging it across the window instead of pinning or hanging it on the cot.
2. Darken the Nurseries Tone
Darkening your baby's nursery tone will be a welcome idea if you do not feel impressed with the neutral colors. In this case, a perfect option you can go for is a striking paint pattern and color. Ochre shades with sapphire blue color options are some of the bold options you may want to try. However, to bring out the perfect look, do not limit your creativity and try teaming them with several soft fabrics and innovative patterns to stand out.
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3. Green May be Cool
Green will be a more applicable option if you fancy a more gender-neutral theme for your baby. Most homeowners love green because you can hardly go wrong with this color option for your child's bedroom or baby's nursery since it also inspires creativityIt has a calming quality which your bundle of joy will typically 'thank you' for introducing in his/her room. If you wish to try green, be sure to keep it simple.
Aim for soothing, pale green colors and then accessorize that with accent colors. Stick with muted hues to avoid contrasting colors, which would otherwise impact the overall mood in your baby's nursery. Going with green will also be a perfect option for you; if you're interested in a long-term design option, you won't need to change very soon. It will remain relevant for most stages of your baby's development.
4. Curate the Gallery Wall
There is nothing that stands out more than a well-curated and arranged gallery wall. Going wild will be an option you may really want to try if you wish to tease your baby's fantasies and embrace their wild side. This will also help model an appreciation for the wild animals in your baby's nursery décor. A typical way to achieve this would be to stick big framed animal prints on the wall. It would be best if you mount these prints in a modern wall gallery setup. For the wall colors, seek inspiration from the prints' gentle colorway to ensure that the theme is not only soothing but also relaxing.  Wrap all that with big animal rugs or just stuffed animals for practical and adorable nursery décor.
5. Combine your Nursery Storage
One thing you shouldn't forget when decorating your baby's nursery is that he/she needs quite a lot of things. It doesn't really matter how small or big the baby is. You will need to find better and more appealing spaces to store his/her things. Open shelving is a good option you may want to consider for keeping your youngster's toys. It will mostly be a practical option if you want to keep the toys in easy reach areas to take care of quick changes or needs for emergency distractions. This implies that going for furniture fully designed with built-in storage will be something high in your list of priorities if you have a small nursery.
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6. Get Creative with your Wall Decor
Going with clever and impressive wall decals will mostly be applicable if you are pressed for time. They will also be more attractive if you are not more artistically inclined. In this regard, wall stickers are one of the most practical options you may want to consider. They're not only quick but also stand out as one of the simplest ways to create enchanted scenes out of your nursery walls. Even better, there are several options that are gender-neutral, so you really won't have to worry about your new one's gender. You could also try non traditional wall hangings. Most specifically, you can choose to go with a global-inspired theme as it will stand out in either a boy's or girl's room.
The Bottom Line
Getting the perfect theme for your baby’s nursery isn’t a simple task. Take it easy and be free to experiment different color combinations if you have enough time to do that.

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