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Adorable Gender Neutral Nursery Themes

Mar 11, 2022by Guest Blogger

Whether you want the sex of your baby to be a surprise, don’t want to impose gender norms, or just want a chic space in the home, the gender neutral aesthetic allow you a little more freedom when it comes to designing a nursery than a traditional nursery idea for a boy or girl. There are only so many gender specific themes to choose from, but the neutral look allows for the creativity to flow while giving you the ability to execute the look you are going for. Here are a couple of great themes that could be used in the nursery without pin pointing the gender.

Farmhouse Stripe Soft Sherpa Baby Blanket


Farmhouse style is already a popular decor style, why not bring it right into baby's nursery? There is plenty of room to design a nursery in a gender neutral way while achieving the farmhouse look you may be into. Use rustic accent pieces, neutral patterned or colored bedding, and add a pair of fun textured curtains in a neutral color that will not only tie the look together, but will emphasize that farmhouse look.

Goodnight Little Moon Reversible Soft & Plush Oversized Baby Blanket

Sky Themed

A sky themed nursery could be the theme that you love, but maybe never considered. Sweet stars and moon icons are popular in bedding, curtains, and other decorative elements such as decorative figures, rugs and so on. Maybe sunshine and clouds are a better fit for you.  Use a shade of gray on the wall to capture the neutral element and add shades of blues and creams to finish off the look.

Elephant Balloon Soft & Plush Fitted Crib Sheet


Try picking an animal or two that are popular to find in stuffed animal form, or nursery bedding. Elephants, llamas, and sloths can be used in a boy's or girl's room without being gender specific. They are neutral colored animals, and will pair easily with different neutral shades of creams, grays and whites.

So, what’s the right balance? That’s up to you. Share your gender nursery theme idea with us in the comments below!

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