Guest Blog: Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Jul 2, 2021by Guest Blogger
The most interesting part about selecting summer activities for toddlers is that they don't need anything fancy or expensive to have fun. Just the simple things of life are good enough to put a smile on their young beautiful faces. And do not be deceived that toddlers can't do much! In this article we will be revealing to you some of the best summer ideas for toddlers to enjoy. Keep reading to learn about them!
Kid doing craft
Enroll in a Craft Class  
At a very young age, some kids pick up an interest in paintbrushes, scissors, glue, paints and always seem to make a mess with them and give you extra cleaning to do. This simply shows that your kid is developing and learning new skills. It is best to channel your child's creativity and nurture their talent by enrolling him or her in a craft class! This is a fun summer activity that teaches your child craftsmanship, helps them develop life skills, and also teaches them how to express themselves as well as develop their imagination. Considering the pandemic circumstances, one might consider online craftsmanship classes, which are largely available on the internet.
Hometown Tour
Giving the kids a chance to see their hometown that you may have moved from is a  fun summer activities that you can do with your children. This inexpensive activity gives your toddler a chance to learn about where they came from, and gives them the opportunity to learn about the history of their hometown.
Bird feeder
Make a Bird Feeder
The planning and the building of a bird feeder can make for great learning and can be a fun DIY experience for your children. The difference between most feeders is the materials that are used to make them one thing they all have in common is the food made available to feed them. Make sure your bird feeder has enough bird seeds, peanuts, millet, berries, fruits, flowers, etc. to attract the birds to your yard. Building a bird feeder and watching the birds feed in your yard will also foster a sense of responsibility in your kids and also teach them to love animals 
Gardening and planting
It is never too early to teach your kids gardening! There are numerous benefits to derive from teaching your kids about gardening, and it is also a healthy and fun activity for them to learn during their summer break. Gardening with your kids will help them learn new skills, teach them responsibility, learn about science and nature, teach them about nutrition, self-confidence, and also nurture a love for nature. Gardening with your kids will also make it easier for them to learn about why it's important to protect the earth. For your indoor gardening, it is best to build a grow tent setup. With your grow tent you control all the factors that affect the growth of your plants. Building a grow tent setup ensures that you no longer have to build a grow room, and it is more cost-effective.
Family camping
Camping in the Backyard
It is safer to be in your space, which is why it's best to camp in your yard rather than anywhere else. In your yard, you can play various games with your kids, read books, organize a picnic, pitch a tent and make sure you gather some paint to do various art projects like painting on ice or rocks with them. Don't forget to take videos! However, since you are dealing with toddlers, seek advice from a National Council Licensure-Registered Nurse about what activities are suitable for toddlers. Speaking with a nurse will help you know what activities to do or avoid to keep your kid safe.
All the activities mentioned above will not only ensure that your child has fun during their holiday, but also help them with specific essential life skills. Make sure you select an activity that takes your child out of their comfort zone and keep in mind your child's interest after all they are the ones for whom these activities are meant for.

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