Decorating Your Nursery For The Holidays

Nov 4, 2022by Dana Dantoni

The holidays are approaching which means you are probably getting your house nicely decorated... so why not get your little one's nursery ready for the holiday as well! You are probably spending a lot of time in your nursery so make it special! Here are some ways that you could decorate your child's nursery this holiday season.

1. Add A Christmas Tree

Baby and Christmas Tree

What's more festive than a Christmas tree! It could be a fun and exciting way for your toddler to help decorate in their room each year with playful ornaments. You could also add ribbon for the classic Christmas decor look. Think of sticking to a theme for your tree as well. Use staple colors like red, green, silver, and gold! Find some cute ornaments like Santa Claus, nutcracker, and reindeer figures to make this tree fun!

2. Add Holiday Staples

Holiday Decor

Some fun decor that you could add to your baby's room are stockings, wreaths, garlands, white/colorful lights, and nutcrackers! This will make their nursery feel cheerful like the rest of your home! Add these pieces to the shelves and walls in your nursery.

3. Add A Cozy Baby Blanket

Cable Soft Knitted Ruffle Baby Blanket

A home always feels cozier during the holiday season, so make your baby's nursery comfy with a new baby blanket! Pick a blanket that isn't only good to match your holiday decor but can last throughout the year with your current nursery theme!

4. Grab New Crib Sheets

Jungle Adventure

Make your nursery feel fresh and ready for the holidays! While adding new decor and prepping your baby's room why not invest in some new fitted crib sheets! Take a look at all of our gorgeous, fitted crib sheets. Find sheets that are also great for after the holiday season.

These 4 quick and easy tips will have your little one's nursery ready and in the holiday spirit in no time! Be sure to tag us with your nursery decor and holiday nursery decor on our Lush Decor Baby Instagram!

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