Decorating with Adorable Ocean Themed Nursery Decor

by Kimberly Foerst
If you’re looking to set up your baby’s nursery with gender neutral decor, one of the top trending options is to go with a coastal decor theme. There are so many directions you can take to create an adorable ocean themed nursery or even a more sophisticated design that you can transition as the baby grows and moves out of the room.
For an adorable coastal inspired ocean themed nursery, you may want to feature cartoon drawings of sea-dwelling animals like fish, sharks, whales or crustaceans. For a more transitional coastal ocean theme for your baby’s nursery, you may want to go with more subtle decorative options focused on cabana stripes or simple waves. Or you may want to combine some more whimsical touches of ocean animals with some more mature decor options for a perfectly balanced look.
Whatever direction you choose for your coastal nursery, here are the areas you should focus your attention:
painting the wall
1. Walls
You can take the simple approach and choose a single color that complements the rest of the decor. Typically an ocean blue or a neutral sand color would work best in a coastal theme. You could also do a single accent wall in a more dramatic color like navy blue.
You could also have a little fun with this and hire an artist to create a mural of an ocean and all the happy-faced creatures that live in it. You could again also paint stripes or waves to create the feel of an ocean in the nursery.
After you choose the perfect paint for your walls, you need to hang some shelves and some art. Shelves made of distressed wood or in the shape of a boat would fit the theme perfectly. For art, you might choose to hang ocean drawings, framed puzzles, framed photographs, or a coastal themed tapestry.
Blackout curtains seaside lush decor
2. Windows 
We highly recommend blackout curtains for your baby's nursery. These may have a coastal theme, but solid color curtains would work as well. If you decide to do wall paper or a bold accent color, you may want to consider going with solid window treatments. Choosing to go with neutral colored walls will allow you to dress up your windows with a cute print. 
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3. Crib
For the crib itself, you may want to go with solid white, solid navy, or perhaps a distressed wood look. The crib is also a great place to use adorable ocean themed linens, because it won’t clash with the rest of the room. These would include items such as the fitted crib sheets and crib skirts.
4. Other Furniture
In addition to the crib itself, and depending on how much space you have in your baby’s nursery, you may want to add a dresser or a cabinet for added storage. The furniture material and color you choose should fit within the theme and either match the crib or complement the design. If you add a wooden chair, that be coordinated as well. If you choose a soft armchair or couch, the upholstery could be a themed print or a solid color.
5. Lighting
Choosing the lighting in your nursery is one way you can get very creative. Go way out and hang a fancy ocean themed chandelier that looks like an octopus. Or keep it simple and choose an ocean themed lamp shade.
You really have endless options to make your nursery a cute and comforting place for your baby. Decorating with adorable ocean themed nursery decor gives you the option to go for a whimsical style, a more subdued transitional style or something that falls in between.

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