Cute Nursery Themes for Fall and Winter Due Dates

Aug 13, 2021by Alexa Robel
Get a head start on your little one's room with these seasonal yet timeless nursery decor ideas! Whether for a baby boy, girl, or a gender-neutral space, these themes are adorable, classic and will transition nicely as the seasons change and as your baby transitions into toddlerhood. 
Jungle Adventure Geo Blackout Window Curtain Panel
This imaginative nursery theme is perfect for anyone who is on the outdoorsy side or just likes the idea of curling up in a cozy cabin in the woods. Incorporate adorable forest friendly animals like bears, deer, and foxes. Add tones of greens, browns and grays to the room by hanging curtains and laying down a cozy area rug. Use rich wood accents and natural textures to give the room interest and incorporate natural elements to the room. Consider using peel and stick wallpaper of a pretty mountain landscape.  
Pampas decor
Autumn Neutrals 
Are you a Fall enthusiast? Decorating with a simple autumn neutral color palette might be the nursery theme for you! Start by narrowing down a color palette of cool tones of browns, oranges, reds, and yellows. Texturize the room with fabrics like velvet, corduroy, and faux fur. Pair natural outdoor elements like dried flowers and pampas grass with fall icons like sunflowers, pumpkins and gourds.
Baby Nursery
Black and White 
Black and white are timeless colors when paired together. Utilize buffalo checker print, and add pops of silver, green and red throughout to make the room festive but not overwhelming. Using black and white together will allow you to easily change the accent colors of the room as the seasons change. 
Winter decor
Winter Wonderland 
Neutral tones, silver and gold are all musts in winter wonderland themed nursery as they bring elegance and charm into a room. Use seasonal icons such snowflakes, friendly snowmen, pine trees and sweet cold weather animals that can be easily replaced when the seasons change.

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