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Kids rooms are sometimes the hardest rooms in the house to decorate because while you may be set in the styles and elements you like, the same cannot be said for any child as their tastes are constantly changing and evolving. Here are some fun and creative ways you can decorate your kid’s room with amazing wall art options that will also encourage their imagination and interests along with giving them space to build on these ideas.

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A Memorabilia Wall
A themed bedroom is every kid’s dream and what better way to decorate than to fashion a memorabilia wall? Whether it is sports, cinema, or constellations your kid loves above all, you can decorate a whole wall on it using frames, stick-ons, hanging décor, decals, and also relevant items on aesthetically pleasing shelving.
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You can buy shelves online and install them yourself and they come in various designs like geometric shapes, zig-zags, different colors, and so on. If you’re in a rental space use command hooks to not damage the wall. A memorabilia wall is a great conversation starter for playdates and sleepovers with friends and will give your kid more confidence in their likes and dislikes along with helping them find like-minded acquaintances.
If your kid has a particular collection of a favorite type of item like rocks, gemstones, coins, basketballs, or even trophies, this can be the perfect way to showcase them with a themed wall.
Quilt It And Hang It
It’s an old well-loved tradition to save basketball or sports t-shirts or even souvenir t-shirts from events attended like games or concerts and weave them into a quilt for one’s children. It is also a popular idea for mothers before their kids go off to college. You can use this idea as a wall art décor concept and frame a quilt like this (albeit in a smaller size) to commemorate the fun events that you and your child have attended together. Nothing beats the memories!
House Portraits
House portraits are brilliant presents because they can be customized in any color, font, design, or style (such as watercolor, pencil sketch, join the dots, letterpress – you name it!) They are a particularly wonderful present for children since they are a visual representation of any place (such as grandma’s house) where they have shared joyous moments. You could also have a house portrait made of their happy place from a photograph and they will cherish this on their bedroom wall.
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Celebrate Their Own Creations
Many experts say that the quality of parenting can be gauged by how much self-esteem and feeling of appreciation a child has. One of the ways to build up a child’s sense of self is to celebrate their achievements even if they seem small in the grand scheme of things. If your child draws or paints or makes any kind of arts and craft item (even if it is macaroni art), consider framing it in a nice frame (or having multiple frames of this kind) to showcase their art in their bedroom like an award.
Repurposing art projects from school such as paint handprints for example as wall art also goes a long way in creating and preserving memories with your children which perhaps will be items of immense sentimental value even decades from now!
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Quotes Build Character
Along with encouraging your child to have fun, you also need to impart vital wisdom and lessons on a daily basis. Framed quotes, decals, murals, stickers, or hanging pieces of wisdom make for great wall décor. If beautiful quotes are part of your kid’s bedroom wall art they will be able to look upon them at least a few times a day. Many parents like to frame checklists like the ‘habits of highly successful teenagers’ if they think the repetition of important ideas will be helpful in their child’s life.
Dream catcher
Magical Dreamcatchers And Wind Chimes
Growing up is challenging and bad dreams and fears are a major part of it. Understanding the reasons behind your child’s fears might be difficult but a rule to remember is that all children need to feel safe and protected from the outside world. Dreamcatchers are ideal wall art and décor items because of the symbolism surrounding them. They catch bad dreams and fears and expel them (or at least that’s how the story goes).
If you find your child has persistent nightmares consider incorporating comforting elements in their bedroom like dreamcatchers and wind chimes or wallpaper with clouds or unicorns (depending on the character or element they find most calming).

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