Creating the Perfect Nursery: What Experts Wish They Knew Before Decorating

Dec 29, 2023by Vera Helein

Decorating your first nursery is an exciting and sentimental journey for expectant parents. It's a space where you'll create cherished memories and bond with your little one. However, many first-time parents find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions to make and the uncertainty that comes with it. We reached out and spoke with expert designers to ask what they wish they knew before decorating their first nursery. Here’s what they said:

Nursery Decor

Start with a Plan, but Stay Flexible

Decorating a nursery is like embarking on a creative adventure. It's essential to have a plan in place, but try to remain flexible so you can adapt as you go.

Safety First

Safety should be your top priority when designing a nursery. It's important to make sure the room is free from potential hazards. Secure heavy furniture to the wall, choose non-toxic paints and materials, and keep cords and small objects out of reach. As Interior Designer Ana of Archival Designs states, “When setting up a nursery, it's easy to get caught up in making everything look perfect and beautiful. However, as a new parent, you'll quickly realize that practicality is key. Instead of spending money on expensive designer items or extravagant decor, focus on functional pieces that will make your life easier.”

Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture

Before you know it, your little one is all grown up. The nursery quickly becomes your big kid's personal sanctuary. As Interior Designer Bob of Hearth Petals suggests, “Look for cribs that convert to toddler beds, changing tables that convert to dressers, and rocking chairs that can work in any room. Babies grow up fast!”

Nursery Design

Have Fun With It

As your child grows, their interests and preferences will change. Have fun decorating, your nursery should be a comforting and welcoming place for you and your baby. Home Stylist Collective member Angela Logosso says, “When creating their nursery spend less time on “they will love this when they're older” and more time on just having fun with it. Paint the walls a BOLD color, grab those fun curtains and remember it's about creating an environment for you and your child to relax in.”

Personalized Nursery

Make It Personal

Your nursery is a reflection of your love for your baby. Add personal touches to make it feel unique. Whether it's a family heirloom, handmade artwork, or a special quote, these elements can infuse warmth and love into the space. This space is just as much a parent’s as it is a child’s. As Mebble Furniture’s Interior Designer Raf puts it, “Don't forget about the small details. Adding personalized touches such as wall decals, framed pictures or even a special hand-painted mural can make the nursery feel more personal and unique.”

Functionality and Proximity Is Key

One of the biggest mistakes you can make before setting up your nursery is choosing a room that is far away from your primary bedroom. During those late night feeds, you’ll want to be close to your nursery. On top of this, functionality is extremely important. As Home Stylist Collective member Tanna Edler states, “Each piece of furniture, drawer, lamp, etc. needs to be able to function with one hand and in some cases an elbow, pinky finger, or maybe even the tip of the nose!” Little changes like these can make the biggest difference!

Enjoy the Process

Lastly, remember that decorating your nursery is a special journey. Cherish each moment and savor the anticipation of welcoming your little one into their new space.

Decorating your first nursery is an exciting and emotional experience. By heeding the advice of experienced parents and design experts, and by keeping these insights in mind, you can create a nurturing and beautiful space for both you and your baby to enjoy.

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