Crafts to Create a Winter Wonderland

Dec 1, 2023by Vera Helein

Winter is a season of warmth, joy, and creativity, and what better way to celebrate it than by engaging in fun crafts with your baby? Crafting together not only fosters your baby's sensory and motor skills but also creates precious memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. From snowflake-inspired masterpieces to adorable handprint keepsakes, here are some delightful winter crafts perfect for you and your little one to enjoy together.

Handprint Snowmen

Capture the essence of winter with a simple and adorable handprint snowman craft. All you need is some white craft paper or cardstock, non-toxic washable paint, and your baby's tiny hand.

Gently dip their hand in white paint and press it onto the paper to create the snowman's body. Once dry, use markers to draw a cute snowman face, buttons, and a hat. This craft is sure to warm your heart and make a fantastic keepsake to remember your baby's tiny handprints during this special time. Make a bigger impact by including the whole family's hands.

Crafts to Create a Winter Wonderland

Cotton Ball Snowflakes

Let it snow inside your home with cotton ball snowflakes! Gather a handful of cotton balls, glue, and some sparkly silver or white glitter. Help your baby dip the cotton balls in glue and stick them onto a piece of colored construction paper in the shape of a snowflake. Sprinkle glitter over the cotton balls to add a shimmering effect. These cotton ball snowflakes will add a touch of winter wonder to your baby's nursery or playroom.

Paper Plate Snowman

Transform an ordinary paper plate into an adorable snowman with your toddler's help. You'll need white and black construction paper, orange paper for the carrot nose, and some glue. Cut out shapes for the eyes, mouth, and nose, and let your child stick them onto the paper plate. Use cotton balls or white tissue paper for the snowman's body. This craft is not only fun but also great for honing fine motor skills.

Crafts to Create a Winter Wonderland

Winter Sensory Bottles

Create captivating winter sensory bottles that will captivate your baby's imagination. Fill clear plastic bottles with water, a drop of glycerin (for slower movement), and various wintery-themed items such as glitter, small plastic snowflakes, or sequins. Seal the bottles tightly to avoid any spills. Shake the bottles gently and watch as the glitter and snowflakes float and swirl, creating a mesmerizing winter scene that will engage and soothe your baby.

Footprint Penguins

Turn your baby's tiny footprints into cute penguin characters. Use black and white non-toxic washable paint to stamp their feet on paper or cardstock. Once dry, add eyes, a beak, and feet using markers or cut out shapes from colored paper. This craft is not only adorable but also an excellent way to create cherished memories of your baby's early days.

Crafts to Create a Winter Wonderland

Winter-Themed Finger Painting

Encourage your baby's creativity with winter-themed finger painting. Cover a large piece of paper with blue paint to represent the winter sky, and then let your baby use their fingers to create snowflakes, snowmen, or even a winter forest with different colored finger paints. Finger painting is a great way for your baby to explore textures and colors while having a blast.


Winter crafts are a wonderful way to bond with your baby or toddler and create lasting memories during this special season. Whether it's capturing their tiny handprints in a snowman craft or exploring textures with finger painting, these delightful projects will bring joy and warmth to your home. Embrace the creativity and fun of winter, and let your baby's imagination soar as you both craft your way through this enchanting season.

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