Childproofing Your Home without Sacrificing Your Style

Jan 15, 2021by Alexa Robel
As babies and toddlers grow, they become more curious and it starts to seem like they are getting themselves into everything. This can become frustrating as you try to figure out how to childproof your home without making it look like a complete kid zone! We've come up with six areas of your home that can be adjusted to be more kid friendly while being beautiful.
Dirty Hands
Whether you are painting the walls white, taupe or a dark hue, putting paint with an eggshell finish on the wall is the most durable option in areas where little hands can reach. With a damp sponge, you can usually wipe off your little artist's work. 
Make cleaning up easier on yourself by using furniture with cubbies. These can become lifesavers. Pairing them with pretty baskets and cute labels can be a really great design statement in any room. Other options such as ottomans that have removable lids for toys, hooks to hang backpacks and jackets on, dressers and chests, and stylish buckets near the door for shoes will keep your home looking neat and stylish. Choosing multi-purpose, functional furniture will help keep your house tidy and is nearly effortless to incorporate. 
Lush Decor Furniture Protector
Lots of Spills
When thinking about upholstering areas that are frequented by littles, consider smart textile options. Outdoor fabric or a pleather that stretches and feels like leather are great options to use in these areas. Furniture protectors and slip covers are also ideal for your couch, love seat or arm chair. Anything that can be thrown in the wash or wiped down with a wet cloth makes for convenience!
Furniture Adjustment
With sharp edges and glass tops, coffee tables can be a safety hazard for really all ages but especially new movers. Use a soft, plush ottoman instead. An ottoman is ideal to hold on to as your new walker moves around the room. Consider upholstering the ottoman in outdoor fabric. It may seem expensive initially but will pay off when your children are older and you can reupholster in an adult friendly fabric.
Oriental carpet
Choosing the Right Rug
Carpets add a warm, cozy atmosphere and can help absorb sound. To mask stains or spills since these will likely occur often, opt for a patterned rug with lots of designs and colors like a traditional Oriental rug. It’s also easy to clean these rugs yourself, and the dyes are usually made of all-natural ingredients.
You could also consider using carpet tiles instead of broadloom. If something spills on a carpet tile, it’s easy to lift up the 18-by-18-inch square and bring it to the dry cleaner for a proper cleaning. If the stain doesn’t come out, then you need to replace only that one tile.
Kid's play area
Giving Them Their Own Space
It may seem like your child is starting to take over the whole house. Creating a space of their own close to yours will give them a sense of independence, and they will love having something that is theirs. Children do like to remain close to their parents, so giving them a work and play counter where they can color and build would be ideal. Try to use a material that is very durable, like quartz, as a countertop, as it will get a lot of use.

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