Best Baby Shower Gifts for Babies and Expecting Parents

Apr 23, 2021by Kimberly Foerst
Does your family have a baby on the way but you’re feeling lost as to what gift to get? Sure you can always shop the registry if the parents created one. But if this is their third child, they may not create another registry. Or maybe they did create one but you want to do something more personal and thoughtful, or maybe it has been picked through and you’re simply not feeling any of what’s left.
Regardless, we have three great tips to share for choosing the perfect baby shower gift, welcome home gift, or simple congratulations gift for the expanding family.
Baby Clothes
1. Necessities Are Always Appreciated
Giving the gift of something mom, dad, or baby will need is always a great option. You can’t go wrong with diapers, onesies, and other items that will be in constant demand.
Pro tip: Go up a couple sizes so when the baby grows into the next diaper size or the next clothing size, the new parents aren’t scrambling.
Planning Calendar
2. Practical Gifts for Parents
With a baby on the way, the expecting parents are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious about all the changes that are about to happen to their lives. Give them something they can really use, like some rest and relaxation. If they already have kids, offer to babysit so they can have a night out for themselves before the new baby arrives. When the baby arrives, offer to give them a night off so they can get a full night’s rest.
Pro tip: Give them some specific dates that you can help out. If you keep it open ended, it will likely fall by the wayside and never get scheduled despite your best intentions.
3. Keepsake Gifts Last a Lifetime
A new baby means lots of great photos. Give the gift of a photo session with a professional photographer. You can also go with a more simple approach and choose a nice picture frame for the baby’s ultrasound and a space to enter in the birth details after the baby arrives. These are the types of gifts the parents will cherish and display for years to come.
Pro tip: Personalized gifts are great, but we recommend allowing the family to do the personalization. Last minute name changes are more common than you might think.
If for any reason you can’t shop the parents’ gift registry or you don’t feel it’s the way to go for you personally, use the tips above to find the perfect gift for the new baby or the new parents. And don’t forget to shop our selection of baby items like soft Sherpa baby blankets and organic cotton baby quilts for another special gift they’ll love.

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