Beat the Summer Heat in Baby's Nursery With These Simple Tricks

May 19, 2023by Dana Dantoni

Summertime means sun, fun, and… sweltering heat. But while you can escape the scorching temperatures by retreating to the pool or air-conditioned spaces, your little one's nursery is a different story. Like any other room in your home, the nursery can heat up quickly—which isn't ideal for a baby.

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So how do you keep the nursery comfortable during summer? Lucky for you, there are some basic tricks for keeping baby cool without blasting the air conditioning all day long! In this article, we'll take a look at some simple ways to beat the summer heat in baby's nursery and keep them happy and comfortable.

Invest in Blackout Window Curtains or Blinds

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One of the most effective ways of keeping your baby's nursery cool during the heat of summer is to invest in blackout window curtains or blinds. These blackout curtains will block out UV rays and sunlight, making it harder for the sun to heat up your baby's room. Not only that, but the thick fabric of blackout window treatments can also reduce external noise and keep the room dark to promote better sleep.

Another plus is that blackout window treatments come in a variety of designs, fabrics, and colors so you don't have to sacrifice beauty for function. Plus, you can easily adjust them when you need more or less light coming in - perfect for those awake times when you need a little extra light in there!

Use a Ceiling Fan or Standing Fan

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Cooling a baby's room during the summer doesn't have to be hard. One of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions is to use a ceiling fan or standing fan. Both types of fans can be used to circulate air and keep the nursery cooler.

When using a ceiling fan, adjust it so that it's pushing the air down towards the floor, which will help keep the temperature in the room cooler and create a nice breeze in your little one's space.

For a standing fan, try placing it in front of an open window so that it can draw in breeze from outside more effectively. Make sure you're using one that oscillates, as this will distribute cool air into every corner of the room — your baby will thank you!

Check Your Thermostats


Check to make sure that your thermostats are working properly. A working thermostat is necessary for both comfortable temperature settings and energy efficiency. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, you may be making the room uncomfortable from faulty run times of the air conditioning. You could be running the air too much, making it too cold for the baby, or it may not be kicking on often enough, making it too warm for your child.


Choose Breathable Nursery Furniture and Decor

Breathable furniture and decor will allow air to flow more freely and keep your baby's room comfortable.

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1. Natural Fibers

Opt for natural fibers, like organic cotton and linen. Not only are these breathable, but they also look incredible and come in so many styles.

2. Refresh with Light Colors

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Choose light colors for window treatments, wall art, bedding, and rugs. Light colors absorb less heat than darker ones, so pick a color palette that won't make your nursery too stuffy.

3. Keep It Low Profile

Stay away from bulky furniture pieces that take up too much room. Choose low-profile pieces that still get the job done but don't trap air like larger pieces do. This will allow air to move freely throughout the room, keeping it cool and cozy!

Dress Baby Appropriately for the Season

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To help them sleep better, you need to make sure that they're dressed appropriately for the sweltering season.

Choose lightweight fabric materials such as pure cotton or cotton blends to dress your baby. This will help them stay cool and comfortable as much as possible while keeping their outfit lightweight.

Have Your Baby Sleep During the Coolest Parts of the Day

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If you can manage to stay on schedule during the summer months with naps and feeding times, it will go a long way in keeping your baby cool. That's because babies sleep best when it's cooler, so try to time the naps and other activities for when it’s cooler outside—often around dawn and dusk.

If you're able to keep your baby on a regular feeding and nap schedule throughout the summer, that will help ensure they take all of their naps during the cooler parts of the day.


With the right steps in place, keeping your baby's nursery cool during the summer can be a breeze. Investing in blackout curtains and a quality programmable thermostat will help immensely, and you can also take simple and measures like timing their naps during the coolest times of the day. By doing so, you'll be able to keep your little one comfortable and safe throughout the summer months.

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