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Gender Neutral Baby Room Ideas

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Are you tired of the overdone pink and blue nursery themes? Gender-neutral baby rooms have been growing in popularity for several years, and parents-to-be love the design freedom they gain.

You can jump on this fantastic trend whether you know your baby’s sex or not — who needs those gender stereotypes? These ideas for setting up the perfect gender-neutral nursery will allow your little one to grow into the space, or you can transfer the room to the next baby with very little change necessary.

1.  Match Your Home’s Design

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The easiest way to create a gender-neutral baby room is to simply design it to match the rest of your home. If you love the farmhouse look, bring those elements into the room. Do you prefer a canvas of crisp whites for a modern flair? That’s great, too. Since your baby won’t be old enough to care about design for a while, you should give the room a look you love.

2. Create an Accent Wall

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An accent wall with a splash of color or fun printed wallpaper adds character to any room. Sage green is a calming shade you can reflect through the space with coordinating accessories. You can also choose a wall treatment with a design that matches your theme, like birds or forest animals. If you’re artistic or have a friend who is, a mural wall will make for a nursery as unique and special as your precious baby.

3. Mix Materials

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Layering different materials can add depth to any room. Plus, textures and finishes aren’t inherently masculine or feminine. Try a neutral color palette with a fun mix of metals or rugs and curtains made from jute or linen. However, you must be intentional with your choices when combining decor to make your nursery pop. Too many different options can make the room feel cluttered or disjointed. If you plan to go bold with texture, tone back the color scheme and vice versa.

4.   Embrace Bold Color

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If mixing textures and finishes isn’t your taste, try adding pops of bold color to the nursery. Babies and toddlers love visual contrast, so a bright or deep shade next to a light one will keep their minds moving. Orange, green and yellow are great gender-neutral options and work well on an accent wall, throw pillow, curtains, or rug. You can even integrate your color into the artwork.

5.   Create Calm and Comfort

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Your baby’s nursery should be a comforting place since you’ll spend a great deal of time there changing diapers, rocking to sleep, playing, and creating many memories. Think soft when choosing pieces for the room, especially since this may be where your little one learns to toddle and walk. A cozy rocking chair, some plushies, and furniture with rounded corners make the design more baby friendly.

6.   Follow a Neutral Color Scheme

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Neutral shades like white and gray are easy on the eyes and can match any other pop of color you want to incorporate. If bold and bright designs just aren’t your style, this type of nursery might be for you. This palette will allow your child to grow into the space and bring in any decorations or colors of their choice later on without overhauling the whole room.

7. Focus on Art

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Art ties a room’s design together. Use a handful of pieces to reflect dominant colors in your scheme or coordinate with your theme. Neutral prints with a pop of color or a collection of cute animals are trendy nursery decor ideas at the moment. Even better, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can find inexpensive pieces online to print at home or download and take to a shop and just buy frames.

Gender Neutral Is Far From Boring

As you can see, gender-neutral baby rooms don’t have to be bland if you don’t want them to be. Add color, art, textures, and other design elements to bring visual interest to the space. You’ll spend almost as much time there as your little one, so you should create something you’ll enjoy.

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