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A Perfect Baby Room: 7 Useful Tips & Tricks

Jun 2, 2023by Guest Blogger

The baby room's interior affects the further development of your child. If furnished correctly, it helps your child grow up in a joyful and pleasant atmosphere, develop creative abilities, and gain new knowledge. In this article, you'll learn seven valuable tips and tricks to help you create the perfect nursery for your newborn.

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1. Restrained Colors with Bright Accents

Colors in a baby's room can play a significant role in mood. But, until now, psychologists and designers can't agree on whether to make a room in soft neutrals or pastel shades to calm the baby or, if conversely, bright colors are essential so that the child gets used to more diversity. In fact, in infancy, children don't see beyond 30 cm.

It suggests that the most that newborns can see are the objects that surround the crib and the parents' faces. So what to do in this case? You might consider the following compromise idea: decorate the room in pastel colors with bright accents. It means you can turn pillows, storage systems, artwork, and other accessories into bright spots on a neutral background.

In modern interior design for newborns, the strict division into pink and blue has already disappeared. Gender differences are gradually becoming a thing of the past, so you can pick up a variety of color accents for the baby room. Although, of course, if you have a baby girl on the way and want to make a cute room in pink shades, you should feel free to do so.

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2. Natural Fabrics and Textile Materials

Natural materials in finishes and fabrics for decoration (cotton and linen) are ideal for a baby's room. The central textiles needed in the baby's room.

  • Sideboards that decorate the baby's crib are practical and beautiful elements of the room that add coziness.
  • Curtains can be in forms of linen fabrics and thin tulle.
  • Throws and pillow covers will be the perfect solution for parents who want to rest next to the babies crib.

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3. Practical Furniture

Today's furniture for the baby's room strikes the imagination: models-transformers, dressers, cabinets for clothes, feeding chairs, and other valuable things for you and your baby. But of all this variety, you should first have these five essential pieces of furniture for the nursery. At the very least, they will be an excellent start for setting up the perfect baby room.

  1. Crib: You can choose transformers, which "grow" with your child, or a regular crib until they are about 1-1.5 years old. After that, the former costs 2-3 times more expensive than the latter but will serve longer. So the choice is yours.
  2. Changing Table: Here it's better to buy a dresser top that can be placed on any surface than an individual model.
  3. A Chest of Drawers or a Closet for Clothes: As a rule, the newborn has a lot of clothes because babies grow fast, and parents have to update their clothes constantly. In addition, packs of diapers and wet wipes also need somewhere to be stored.
  4. Nursing Chair: It's a must-have piece of furniture you should buy before your baby is born. A rocking chair here will be a great option as you will use it to rest and spend time with your newborn.
  5. Sofa Bed: If the baby sleeps in a separate room, you will likely occasionally need a sleeping place for the parents.

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4. Accessories 

Decorating a baby's room can be a pleasant experience. However, choosing not only beautiful but appropriate decor is not an easy task. That's why we've prepared some helpful tips so you can create the baby room's interior without a designer. Below we'll consider the most popular options for decor:

  • Themed Posters and Pictures: these items bring life into the space, making the room brighter and more appealing to the baby.
  • Soft Toys Are Great: but you must be more careful -- such accessories should never be left in the crib with the baby.
  • Mobiles: can be musical and are used to entertain the baby above the crib.
  • Canopies: decorate the baby's crib to look beautiful and make it easier for them to sleep.

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5. Storage Systems

Storage systems are worth taking care of in advance. Shelf liners, boxes, baskets, decorative bags, organizers — everything is handy in the struggle for order. You'll need them for the piles of laundry, all the toys and the supplies your baby will need. Hanging organizers can conveniently be placed right on the crib to quickly get a bottle, a clean diaper, or a wipe.

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6. Lighting

There are no strict rules for lighting a nursery. However, a newborn should have lamps with soft and diffused light. In addition, it's worth providing a night light for night changing and feeding. This way you won't disturb the child's sleep with bright lighting.

7. Furniture Layout

You should choose a suitable furniture layout depending on the size and shape of the baby's room. The only rule here is not to place the crib near a window. The space will need to ventilate periodically, and temperature changes can negatively affect the newborn. The rest is optional, but you should consider how you may have to move throughout the room for various scenarios and keep the paths open as best as you can.


The world of young parents changes dramatically with the birth of a baby, and their lives become filled with new colors and feelings. Along with the inner world's transformation, the environment also changes. Therefore it is essential to create a cozy space for the baby, which can give the newborn a maximum feeling of safety and warmth.

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