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4 Tips for Designing Homes with Kids

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Being happy at home with the whole family sometimes feels like too good of a fantasy to be true. But when you design your home with your kids in mind, it can be a lot easier. Intuitive design prioritizes what kids (and adults) actually need for a smooth, successful experience living at home. Take a look at these four tips for designing homes with kids.

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#1: Keep It Simple

The most important tip for designing homes with kids in mind is to keep it simple. It may seem great to have flashy organizational structures with lots of bells and whistles, but realistically, your kids are probably going to lose interest in that before you even have it set up. The more complicated it is to get everything in its place, the less likely it is that your house will ever look that way. Instead, narrow in on what really matters to you.

In order to find out what really matters, you’re going to have to do an honest inventory of the current state of your home and how you want it to change. This ideally will be a conversation you have with your partner and any kids old enough to make meaningful contributions. You likely have certain priorities for design and space that are essential to your peace of mind that might be very different from those of your neighbor across the way.

For example, maybe you don’t mind clutter on the kitchen counter, but your kids’ backpacks have to be hung up on the wall rather than laying in the hallway. Whatever drives you the most crazy, put at the top of the priority list to solve that problem right away in your design. Get that backpack rack, and then don’t worry about tiny bins sorted by every kind of toy. Keep it simple!

#2: Make it Kid-Friendly

Having kids at home means acknowledging that these are kids! If you design a fun and easy to clean space you’ll have the best chance of success. This means that your home design scheme should consciously focus on play. There are a variety of ways to do this. Besides just designating certain areas as being for children to play, you can also incorporate design aspects that support fun and resist mess.

For example, you can play with color in your spaces. Adding a pop of color is a quick way to make a powerful design statement. Various patterns and textures are going to be more fun, and more kid-friendly, for your home. Even aspects that may seem commonplace or mundane can make your life easier if you choose details that are easy to clean. For a high-traffic area or a playroom, carpet might seem like a fun idea until paint or juice gets spilled. Consider flooring options for children that can be easily wiped up and see what would be best for your family.

#3: Maximize Your Space

When you have kids, stuff is going to get everywhere. And that means you need to maximize your space with effective storage solutions. We recommend getting creative. How can you use your walls or doors to better advantage with hanging options? Then, try to save space by stacking furniture or storage solutions. Your kids might love having elevated beds with the excitement of climbing a ladder to get into bed, plus you get the benefit of all the storage space underneath.

You can also double up on storage by combining furniture pieces together. For example, one end table can serve as both a desk and a bedside table. Think about it: your kids may not really need a nightstand if they already have a dresser. Evaluating what you really need, and what can be combined, will help you maximize your space in the best way.

#4: Involve Everyone Together

For your home design to be successful, it needs to be a family affair. Clearly designate which spaces are meant to be common, like living areas, and which spaces are individualized. Having specific private areas allows children to have “cool off” centers (and you to have as much privacy as is possible when you have young children). Children of any age can benefit from having this type of space to get away from it all.

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Kid-Friendly Design Starts with You

Your house won’t magically get a kid-friendly design, but these four tips will help you to keep your children in mind when you’re designing your home. Your decor dreams are about to come true!

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Carolyn Mitchell is a freelance writer and content strategist with a passion for home décor. She can often be found re-painting and updating the furnishings in her home, and she is also a dedicated cat mom to two adorable kitties.

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