Guest Blog: 6 Storage Hacks For Baby’s Nursery

Apr 9, 2021by Jenny Zhu
As a parent, you would like your baby’s nursery to be the best … and the most comforting. However, space can be a hassle, especially when you’re welcoming another person into the family. While investing in storage is essential, it can also be costly.
So, how do you ensure plenty of space in your child’s nursery without breaking the bank?
Fear not! In this article, we’ll show 6 of the best storage hacks to try, as you get your nursery ready for baby. So, let’s get started!
Baby and dad
1.Use a Large Dresser as a Changing Table
“Large dressers don’t just have to be storage for your baby’s clothes,” says Kimberly Jackson, a tech blogger at Essay Roo and Academ Advisor. “They can also serve as changing tables in your child’s nursery. Instead of spending money on a changing table, you can use a large dresser instead. All you’ll need is a changing pad with a nonslip base on top, and you’ll be ready every time your child needs a diaper change. You can also store diapers and other essentials in one of the drawers for easy access.”
Lush Decor Baby Crib Skirt
2.Skirted Crib “Hideout”
Want to know a secret to adding more space in your nursery? Just hide things under the crib!
You heard right! If you want to keep things out of sight (AND out of mind), then consider this technique!
If you already have a skirted crib in your nursery, then it’s easy to hide things under the crib from plain view. You can even use a bin or two to place under the crib to make things less cluttered down there. It’s one of the easiest storage hacks to date!
Speaking of bins …
3.Use Bins and Baskets
It’s obvious that you’ll need some bins and baskets to help keep your baby’s nursery more clutter-free. From clothes to toys – and so on – baby will need all the space that they can get, without having to run into things in the room. That’s why it’s important to have bins and baskets that allow you to store any toys, clothes, or other things for future use.
One of the best ways to keep bins and baskets is to label them based on what things you put into them. For example, one basket can be for used clothes that will need to be washed later on, and another bin can used to put toys in. Ultimately, how you use bins and baskets is up to you.
4.Consider Repurposing Furniture
Sometimes, certain pieces of furniture can be used for something else. Whether they’re used for room décor, or if they’re used as something else (like the large dresser we’ve talked about earlier), repurposing furniture is great for any baby nursery.
5.Toy Box Or Bookshelf = Window Seat
Want to have a great seat for the window? No problem!
Why not use a toy box of a bookshelf as a window seat, instead of spending money to install some seating, or buy a single chair for the window? Yep! Some parents are opting for better storage over installation and purchasing by simply placing a toy box or bookshelf near the window to get a good seat there.
Want to top it off? Why not? You can simply add a cushion and or blanket to complete the window-seat look!
6.Floating Cubbies
“Cubbies aren’t just for the shelves,” says Grace Peterson, a marketing writer at Student writing services and Dissertation service. “In fact, many moms are discovering how much freer floating cubbies are, when it comes to having space in the nursery. Not only are floating cubbies effective for freeing up wall space, but they also make for fun décor and artwork that you and your child will appreciate.”
With floating cubbies, you can easily store some of the following:
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Plushies
  • Pacifiers, etc.
Changing station
As you can see, organizing your baby’s nursery shouldn’t be as hard as one could anticipate. Even when you’re expecting a new addition to the family, it shouldn’t be hard to provide the right storage and dressings for their new room.
With some of the techniques that we’ve discussed in this article, not only will you save money on storage, you’ll also be doing your child favors by providing the best environment for them. By taking advantage of these 6 storage hacks, your baby’s nursery will be the most comforting place for both you and your baby!

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