5 Tips for Bringing Your Baby or Toddler to the Beach

Jul 15, 2022by Dana Dantoni

Summer is here and we all love going to the shore to enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean. Your little one might make your beach trips a little more of a struggle than they used to be, but don’t worry! Here are some tips for bringing your baby or toddler to the beach:

woman attending to baby on the beach

1. Find Shade:

Bringing your child to the beach means that you must protect them from the strong summer sun. The easiest way to keep your baby cool and shadowed from direct sunlight is finding shade. If you can't position yourself under a tree, be prepared by bringing an umbrella or portable beach tent for your baby to play under. This will keep them safe, happy, and occupied while out of the strong sun rays.

mom and baby sitting under a palm tree at the beach

2. Bring a Fitted Crib Sheet:

Packing a fitted crib sheet is a fantastic way to keep sand out. Using your beach bags and cooler to hold the corners of the sheet will create a barricade from the sand. Now your baby has a place to play or take a nap on the beach without the sandy mess!

3. Pack Baby Powder:

If your baby or toddler is at the beach, you can guarantee that they will be playing around, rolling around, and putting sand everywhere! Baby powder is helpful in removing sand in all areas of the body. With this hack you can keep the sand out of your car and also prevent rashes and itchiness for your baby.

baby playing in the sand

4. Invest in a Small Baby Pool and Bring Beach Toys:

A small baby pool is a great option to take to the beach! It will keep your baby cool, entertained, and happy! This will stop the worry of your child running out to the ocean. You can easily put the pool under your umbrella as well to keep them out of the sun. With some fun beach toys like buckets, shovels, and toy figures, your baby will have a blast. You’ll be able to sit back in your chair and enjoy the day!

toys in a baby pool

5. Bring an Extra Outfit for the Ride Home:

If you’re taking a day trip to the beach, it would be a clever idea to bring an extra outfit for the ride home. After being out in the heat all day, you will want a smooth ride back home. Your baby will probably be sandy, wet, or uncomfortable in their beachwear, so bring a cozy outfit to change them into before you start to head home. This way they will be more comfortable, and they might just fall asleep! It’s a win-win for everybody!

Now all you need is some sunscreen, towels, food, water, and a book! You’re prepared to take on the beach with your little one this summer!

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