4 Nursery Décor Tips You Need To Know

Oct 7, 2022by Dana Dantoni

When it comes to designing a nursery for your little one on the way, it can easily become an overwhelming process. Scrolling through Pinterest and gathering all your nursery design inspiration can lead to having a scramble full of ideas, which leaves you stuck and confused with where to start. We reached out to our talented designers from our Home Stylist Collective to ask them: "For an expecting parent designing a nursery for the first time, where do you suggest they start?" Here's what they had to say...

Mom holding baby in nursery room

1. Fara @thefarafix

Fara shared three top tips to consider when designing a nursery: having a visual palette, functionality, and organization.

  • Visual Palette:
    • Start out with something that inspires you to begin building your color palette. Decide long- or short-term decor. With long-term decor in mind, carefully chose your colors and textures. In terms of short-term design, be bold and trendy with your themes and colors. 
  • Functionality:
    • Know how you are going to use the room. Wil it be for only one child or is it a shared space? Is this is your first child or do you plan on more? This can help you determine the budget, quality, of furniture, and color of furniture.
  • Organization:
    • If you're putting your baby in his/her room at 5 months old and you're still breastfeeding (for example), you'll need a rocking chair or glider, a night stand next to the chair to accommodate and organize all needs (burpees, nipple cream, wipes, etc.) and maybe a few books. Baby things are small, so get drawer dividers to organize their folded clothes so they're easier to find. Create a simple closet system that will help to organize extra diapers, wipes, lotions, etc.

Nursery organization - photo by Fara Wilson, @thefarafix

2. Alieta @alietatreasurehunting

Alieta suggests to start with a comfortable place for you while you wait for your little one to arrive! You will be spending time in the nursery so find a cozy chair to sit in while you talk, read, sing, and pray to your baby. She explains how this helped her connect to her child in her belly! It creates a good routine for relaxing and feeling comfortable in your nursery. It also makes it sweeter to sit in that same cozy chair once they arrive and in your arms!

comfortable chair in nursery - photo by Fara Wilson @thefarafix

3. Michelle @theglitzypear

Michelle suggests to not use the word theme when designing your nursery. When you choose a theme it can easily keep your design from becoming an interesting, cozy, and well curated space. A better question to ask yourself is what style are you going for? Do you want a modern look? a Boho look? a traditional look? Thinking about your style makes it easier to make your space cozy with multiple layers, different, elements, and family heirlooms instead of being tied to a single theme. 

If you don't know what your style is, Michelle suggests to search on Pinterest different nurseries and start pinning ideas that speak to you! You'll see a pattern of what you really like, and that is the direction you should go with!


4. Marissa @designsbymarissallc

A quick and easy tip Marissa provided, is to start with a concept and color scheme before curating and furnishing! 

These are some amazing tips from our stylists to help you get started with designing your nursery. It doesn't have to be overwhelming! You got this. We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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